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Our History
At the age of 12, young Stephen Crane built his first tree fort with his younger brother. Steve’s interest in building was very clear, as this young boy created an 80-square-foot, two bedroom fort, with a porch and temporary stairs for their four Great Danes to join them!

Three years later, 15-year-old Steve began working at construction sites during the summers building homes. His interest in building had grown, and he was a natural at it. So, he continued building throughout his college summers.

“I enjoyed the whole process. It was good healthy work,” Steve says, adding that he especially appreciated seeing a parcel of land transform into a home where people lived.

Instead of teaching and coaching, which is what he planned to do after college, Steve followed his passion for building homes. For 11 years, he built residential and major commercial projects throughout the Philadelphia area as a superintendent and project manager for a major building company.

After moving back to Michigan, Steve initiated his long-time dream – to form his own company. In 1993, Crane Construction was established, which began solely as a residential building company and grew significantly through the years into both a residential and commercial building company.

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We look forward to meeting with you and helping you make your building project vision a reality. Contact us at 810 229.9161 and

Crane Construction Today
More than 17 years ago, Crane Construction began building single-family homes. Through the years, we evolved into a full-service builder of single-family homes, multiple family homes, sub-divisions, remodels, and a variety of commercial building projects.

Our knowledge and attention-to-detail in building, construction, design, and project management differentiates Crane Construction from other building companies. Unlike many builders that offer limited choices, we accommodate customers by customizing whatever room or element they desire.

Our hands-on work personally involves company owner Steve Crane and our team of professionals with every project. Crane Construction’s quality provides customers with the best quality products, services and workmanship within their budget. Our strong, long-time relationships with our suppliers and contractors result in the most appropriate and professional products and services. Further, we take pride in those with whom we work, whether they sell us lumber or handle our plumbing, painting, electrical work or HVAC. These relationships also contribute to our continuing quality.

Crane Construction also has the Green Built™ Michigan certification. Thus, when building a Green Built™ house, we use reusable products, conserve energy, and construct buildings by taking advantage of site properties.

The company’s leadership and commitment to the industry is clear, as owner Steve Crane:

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We look forward to meeting with you and helping you make your building project vision a reality. Contact us at 810 229.9161 and

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